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Original books on IBM-compatiblediskette.
A.E.I. On Line
Literary management and production. Realize the dreamworks of your imagination. Start your professional career as a writer
- publisher of self-improvement books.
Aberdeen Group, The
producers of construction magazines, directories, other periodicals, books, training manuals, videos and online information services.
AcademicVentures Press
abstracts are available about a setof books from AVP on topics of original managementtheory, economic theory, social theory, and politicaltheory.
Books on recreation and fitness foroutdoor enthusiasts.
Acute PublishingCo.
Acute Publishing provides a link to Northwestarts, entertainment, music, and much more!! Custom WebDesign!!
Adams MediaCorporation
Complete career center. Providesnationwide job listings, access to career publicationsand CD-ROMs, and interaction with career experts.
professional publishers, covering architecture, arts, film making, energy, design, pharmacy, law, theatre, and more.
A small book publisher, or should we say a publisher ofsmall books, in Hesperia, CA.
Books teaching patriots constitutionallaw. Learn how to build a defensible position againstillegal federal IRS income taxes & other governmentpractices.
Civil and military aviation books andmagazine Australian Aviation.
AK Press
anarchist publishing collective. Books and CDs onpolitics, gender, history, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
Allmansland/DeSchutter Digital Media
designs and producesprofessional electronic publications for its customers:companies, government institutions and non-profitorganisations.
Alta Press Inc.
book publishing, editing, and distribution in variouslanguages.
American ChemicalSociety
American PsychiatricPress, Inc
APPI is a publisher of psychiatricbooks, journals, CD-ROM's, and other electronic media.
AmericanDreamer Library
AmericanInstitute of Physics Press
Amida Press
Anamnesis Press
small but cutting-edge electronic publishing companydevoted to the preservation of literature on theelectronic frontier.
Angelis Press
AnvilPress Poetry
APDG Publishing
Telecommunications and product development books and research reports
Applewood Books
Publishers of America's Living Past
Argus, Inc.
business publications include 35 magazines, 15 annualdirectories and several newsletters.
Ariad CustomPublishing Limited
produces target marketpublications for corporate and association clients.
Army Times PublishingCompany
The site offers information on thisindependent company, along with news stories and photosfrom current issues of our publications, an online storeand bulletin boards.
Technical Book & Software Publisher
Ashlee Publishing
Trade magazinesopportunities, elder care, retirement,glass industry, fenestration, glass digest, doors,home-based business, containers, fiberglass, windows,doors, skylights.
Asia 2000 Ltd -Publishing
Non-fiction and fiction, mostly dealingwith Hong Kong and East Asia. Rights available forlicensing.
A publisher of magazines, brochures,newsletters, corporate profiles etc.
ASmall Garlic Press
a cooperative press printingchapbooks of poetry, short fiction, and art as well asthe sponsors of the on-line randomly expanding literaryzine, Agnieszka's Dowry.
Aspen Publishers, Inc.
- information resources, directories, articles, and asearchable version of Aspen's full catalog, including ourmost recent publications.
foodservice, restaurant, hospitalityindustry on-line product information, books, videos,tapes, tools, posters.
publisher of Big Whiskers Saves theCove.
the publisher of up-to-date 5-15 pagecompany profiles on more than 25,000 public, private andinternational companies.
Avon Books
booksfrom bestselling authors in the following subjects:mystery, science fiction, fantasy, children, trade andromance. A subsidiary of the Hearst Corporation.
BagLady Press, L.L.C.
publishers of bead knitted pattern books.
BaloghScientific Books
Publisher and seller of naturalhistory books, particularly in the field of botany.
Baltzer SciencePublishers
Bantam Doubleday Dell
Features books and authors published by BDD as well as horoscopes and crossword puzzles published by Dell Magazines.
Beach HolmePublishing
Located in Victoria, British Columbia
Bee Publishing Company
Belltowne Publishing
BenchmarkPublications Inc.
developingtechnical/marketing/educational custom publications.
publishes and distributes educationalmaterials for the college market.
Bero-WestIndexing Services
information about the indexingservices of Kari J. Bero at Bero-West Indexing Services.
Bertelsmann AG
Information, business performance, organizationalstructure and business areas, its history and itsmanagement philosophy.
Best PublishingCompany
Over 300 books on scuba diving, commercialdiving, and hyperbaric and diving medicine.
publishes The CyberSkeptic's Guide to Internet Researchand Fulltext Sources Online.
BiddlePublishing Company
A small publishing company onthe Coast of Maine providing hard to find books for yourreading pleasure.
books and tapes about men's issues.
Biotech Publishing
- contains help for science projects, biotechnologyliterature reviews, occupational health, workman'scompensation issues and Native American folklore.
Birkhauser BostonPublishing
math/science publisher
Bisk Publishing Company
CPE and CPA Review materials for accounting and business professionals
Blackwell Science
BlackwellWissenschafts-Verlag GmbH and Parey Buchverlag
books and journals specialsising in human and veterinarymedicine, biology, gardening and landscaping, forestry,quality non-fiction books (in German).
We publish electronically, wideningcommercial possibilities for advanced artists.
Blue HeronPublishing
Our catalog of literature for adults,young adults, teachers, and writers. Guidelines. Writer'sresources.
Blue Point Books
Illustrated books in Spanish.
a Swedish publisher, publishing books on awide array of subjects.
Boson Books
publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama on theWeb. Available in PDF or on disk. Download ascii text forfree.
boyd & fraserpublishing company
products for higher education,business, and industry in the disciplines of InformationSystems, Computer Applications and Programming,Marketing, and Quantitative Methods.
Provides information to NFL/NBA sportsfans as well as elementary teachers who want to challengetheir students.
Brush Creek Media
publishers of gay magazines such as BEAR Magazine, Roundup, Bunkhouse, International Leatherman, Powerplay, FQ, Hombres Latinos.
Burning BushPublications
voices not represented by mainstreampublishers can be found here.
C&M Online Media,Inc.
primarily a publisher of electronic booksunder the imprint Boson Books.
Carfax PublishingCompany
Carlton Group
British publishers of books on Westminster, Whitehall, executive agencies, government, public affairs, trade law, and careers
books, newsletters, and publication catalogsdealing with all aspects of the environmental cleanupindustry.
CCH Canadian Limited
a member of a global group of companies publishing tax, legal, human resource and business info in loose leaf, book and electronic formats.
Charles ChickadelCommunications
Provides consulting andimplementation sol'ns for publishers and corporate infoproviders in Electronic Publishing, Database Marketing,and Direct Marketing.
Charles RiverMedia, Inc.
Professional Level Computing Books/CDsin the areas of Multimedia, Networking, ScientificComuting, and Educational Training.
CharlesworthGroup, The
ChemTech Publishing
offer books, journal, software on topics in chemistry: including polmers, blends, alloys, rheolog, recycling, and sealants.
publisher devoted solely to the publicationof Erotic Science Fiction.
CityLights Publishers and Booksellers
CityMedia Inc.
aMinneapolis-based company with operations in five states,publisher of local and regional business and consumerpublications.
Claitors LawBooks & Publishing Co.
Govt. Printing OfficeDocuments, Cooks Books and Retirement Books.
ClarionPublications - NY
publishers of the quarterly"Genesee Country Magazine" and "The Lakeand Valley Clarion," a weekly newspaper.
ClarityPress, Inc
a non-sectarian publisher of titles onpolitical, social and minority issues.
Clark BoardmanCallaghan
Clo Iar Chonnachta
Irish music and book publishing house.
CLS OnlineRedaktionsbüro
Club Internacional delLibro
The largest Spanish language Mail OrderPublisher. Books, Courses, Educational, Multimedia andMusic.
Co-operativeInternet Catalog
Cobb Group
publisher of product specific computer tips andtechniques journals
publishing books and magazines for youngpeople ages 9-14.
information and resources for healthcare marketing and public relations professionals.
ColdSpring Harbor Laboratory Press
Color MastersInc.
provides full Prepress Services for Flexo andOffset printing. Scitex and Macintosh Enviornments.
Mass market publisher. Accepts novellength manuscripts from authors in both fiction andnon-fiction genres.
publishers of online catalogs such as theC.D.I Travel Guide, C.D.I. Golf Guide and C.D.I. Fine ArtCatalogall of which are accessible from this site.
supplemental materials for languageteachers
CopperhousePublishing Company
Quality criminal justicetextbooks at fair prices for colleges, police academies,and advanced police officer training.
CRC Press
Scientific and technical publishers since 1913, inEngineering, Life Sciences, Environmental, and PhysicalScience
Creative DigitalPublishing Inc.
specializes in tools andinformation for developers and users of hand-heldcomputing devices.
Creative VirtuePress
the Biodegradable Technology Page, VirtuismAesthetic Theory Page, ParaMind Braistorming SoftwarePage, and Prose and Poetry pages.
DaCapo Press
topics relating to Jazz and Blues.
DecemberCommunications, Inc.
offers publications toincrease your knowledge of the Internet.
Diablo Publications
DiscoveryPublications, Inc.
publishes Discover Mid-Americaand Explore Kansas City. DMA covers antiques and events,in 9 states. Explore Kansas City is a city magazine onnewsprint.
publisher of ocean and intermodal freighttariffs as required by the U.S. Federal MaritimeCommission.
Stuart Titles Ltd, Ossian Publishers Ltd, and Counter Culture.
Donnchad Publishing
will critique, edit and publish manuscripts on-line, on CD-ROM, and in print.
Doody Publishing, Inc.
Book reviews of newly published health sciences books
Drama BookPublishers
dedicated to books and new media for theperforming arts.
Publishers in books for the performingarts.
Dream Garden Press
- Works by Edward Abbey, George A. Thompson, as well asMonkey Wrench Gang T-Shirts!
E.J. Brill -Publications
production of fiction, nonfiction and poetry.
East View Publications
Large clearinghouse for publications from Russia,the CIS,and Central Europe.
publishes Spanish and universal authors.
Edicions 62
Edipresse Group
Switzerland-based international publisher of newspapersand magazines; (in French).
Editions de Physique
French publisher in physics. Complete catalog, online scientific journals and information for authors.
Editions DidierMillet
publishing company based in Singapore andParis.
Editorial Experts,Inc. (EEI)
specialized in text books in spanish, but also with allkind of books such as illustrated books.
Edwards PublishingCompany
Publishers of The Encyclopedia ofConnectors, a comprehensive guide to connectors andaccessories of all types.
EdwinMellen Press
Employee DevelopmentCo., The
Publisher of satety, quality, teamwork,and motivational materials through books, banners, video,ect.. used to increase employee awareness andproductivity.
EnergeiaPublishing Inc
Business, career, and educationalmaterials for organizations and consumers.
EnterpriseTechnology Concepts Press
Publishes, sells booksdealing with business process reengineering,process/activity modeling, information modeling, and IDEFnotations.
Escape Ventures
Eschaton Books
small publishing house specializing in metaphysical topics.
Essex HillPublications
Fine automotive reference books.
Everton Publishers
Export USA
Publishers of the Export Sales & Marketing Manual,known as the bible of U.S. exporting.
F.P.Publishing Co., Inc.
Publishers of the millionselling The Lazy Man's Way To Riches, Game Plan forSuccess Newsletter, Masters of Success Audio Program andmore.
Facts On File NewsServices
Authoritative news digests: Weekly WorldNews Digest, Today's Science On File, Editorials On File,Issues and Controversies On File, Software and CD-ROMReviews On File.
- marine information and publishing company. Publishersof Fairplay Shipping Weekly Magazine; ships, ports andmarine related company databases.
Short run printing system
Fondo deCultura Económica
FourthMesa, Inc.
Frank AmatoPublications, Inc
Frederic C. Beil,Publisher
Publishes general trade books in thefields of literature, history, biography, the book arts,and books about books.
FremantleArts Centre Press
Independent Western Australianbook publisher, specialising in poetry, fiction, history,biography, children' books, etc.
offer books and guides on the subject ofwaterborne Great Lakes commercial transportation.
FujiPublishing Group
Gannett Media TechnologiesInternational
a subsidiary of the Gannett Company,Inc., provides publishing companies with a variety oftechnology solutions.
GarethStevens Publishing
Gerardand Sarzin Publishing
books about jazz
includes book excerpts and orderinginformation for the book, "In the Shadow of theTornado."
GillettePublishing Company
sells books and buys booksworldwide through mailorder. Enquiries to the Sonorapostal address by regular mail are encouraged.
Glass WingsPress home page
GoldenQuill Press and Marshall Jones Company
Gift Books
Gong Online
GraphicResources, Inc.
national recruitment firm,specializing in printing, packaging and electronicpublishing.
GreenTower Press
publisher of digital books on floppydisk or CD-ROM. Uses Adobe Acrobat Reader (DOS, Windows,Macintosh).
Greenwood PublishingGroup, Inc.
academic, reference, trade, generalinterest, and professional books
amulticasting company transmitting news and commerce tothe resource based industries, through traditional printand broadcast media and on the Internet.
Gryphon House Books,Inc
Gulf Publishing Company
specialized publishing for the oil and gas industry.
Exciting new fiction, including Gordon Lish'sThe Quarterly, and new collections and novels.
H. W. Wilson
publisher of abstracts, indexes, full text, and referencematerial information.
Haarlems Uitgeef Bedrijf
New media publishing company
Schulbuch- und Unterrichtsmedien-Verlag.Sachbuecher fuer Kinder, Materialien für dieGrundschule, Lehrtafeln, Computersoftware und Videos.
Hal LeonardPublishing Corp.
World's largest publisher of printmusic.
Halt Media
These books and tapes can change your life.
Hammock Publishing
Harbor HousePublishers
Hard Press, Inc.
Harlequin Enterprises[]
Hart Publications, Inc.
oil and gas magazines, newsletters, directories and sourcebooks covering the upstream and downstream sectors of the global energy industry.
Hatch CreekPublishing
support, Christian fellowship groups,live chat. Learn to overcome panic attacks andagoraphobia, as we help each other.
Hawthorne Sterling
- authoritative research & consulting servicesconcerning the often-misunderstood private market forstandby letters of credit, bank debentures, bankguarantees & forfeiting.
HealingStrategies and Passages Publishing
Dr. Ann Weeks,humor and healing, books, storefront and fun stuff.
Health Press
small family-owned company, publishing medical resources and information for the lay-person.
Hearst Electroweb
publishers of Electronic Products Magazine, EEM/Electronic Engineers Master Catalog, IC Master Catalog, and the Local Sources Guide.
independent book publisher. What's Onguide to music & cultural events in Kent.
Gene Therapy Weekly sample issues available for viewing/downloading
Heritage Gun Books
- publisher & distributor of the Jerry KuhnhausenVSP gunsmithing, gun repair & gun rebuilding manuals;gunsmith training manuals & shop books; otherpublications on guns & firearms maintenance.
publishes library reference and professionalbooks, and its Alleyside Press imprint producesinstructional resources for teachers and librarians.
Links of interest in Folklore, MedievalStudies and Local History.
Hodder &Stoughton
Hoflin Publishing
over 40 breed-specific dog publications.
Hogrefe & HuberPublishers
publisher of medical, psychological andpsychiatric books and journals.
Home& Health Publications, Inc.
publications aboutherbs and vitamins.
Home& Leisure Publishing, Inc.
Hope Farm Press
- Sampler of over 200 books of New York State regionalinterest, with color covers, excerpts, reviews, historypages, links and just plain fun.
HornedOwl Publishing
specializing in earth-centredspirituality, aboriginal european religions and thewestern mystery tradition.
HRD Press
timeand cost saving resources and services that will help youcreate and maintain a highly competent, high-performanceworkforce.
Human Kinetics -The Information Leader in Physical Activity
publisher for sports/fitness; and an information andeducation company providing resources and educationalprograms for the physical activity field.
Humana Press
publishers in the life sciences and medicine.
Hyperion Books
excerpts from new releases, author-tour information and access to the Hyperion backlist.
ICS Books, Inc.
specialising in books about human powered outdooradventure.
ICS OutdoorSports Books
Outdoor sports and recreation books,written by avid experts, for people desiring the latesttechniques for safe, responsible outdoor activities.
Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Biotechnology,and Environmental Industry Directories. Each directorylists thousands of companies.
Ignatius Press
IM Publications
ImageQuestInternational Electronic Publishing
hassci-fi/fantasy zine, contests, software, e-books and muchmore.
personal computer and multimedia publisher in Japan.
paintings, collages, photography, mail art.Participate in a mail art project!
Publisher of information technology research.
InformantCommunications Group
product specific magazines,catalogs of product specific tools and services.
IntelligentTechnologies Publications
representatives for DukeCommunications in the Asia/Pacific region. publishers ofNEWS/400 & Windows NT Magazine. AS/400 & WindowsNT books also available.
International Focus Press
presents a text on how to stop gangs from forming. Site includes gangs FAQ, overview, photos, excerpts, and much more.
publishes books in English and Farsi about Persian art,culture, history, politics, food, language, and poetry.
publisher of English language books about thegame of Go. Other products include Go boards, stones,software and a line of beautiful wooden puzzles.
Publishes English translations of stories,plays and Historical Travel books from Medieval andRenaissance Italy and translations of modern Italianfiction.
J&NHead Start
Our personalized children's books willspark a child's imagination.
Janes Information Group
Jason AronsonPublishers
John ReinhardtBook Design
Home port of the conservative-grunge (grungervative)literary revolution. No slackers, no postmodern liberalboomers. Intellectuals only.
Jones and Bartlett
Jossey-Bass Inc.,Publishers
June WarrenPublishing Ltd.
privately-owned Alberta companyspecializing in the development and distribution of tradepublications for the Canadian oil, gas and constructionindustries.
Juxta Publishing
- dedicated to producing books, printed materials andsoftware for the world-wide Bahá'í community
K. Hjelm Forlag AB
publishing children's books, postcards, posters, andbookmarks.
publishes material concerning Thelemaand the Book of the Law. Genuine, serious, friendly site.
Kaspar Schnelldruck AG
Kennedy CenterPublications
featuring Culturgrams: briefing papersdiscussing the customs and courtesies of countries aroundthe world.
Kennedy InformationLLC
publications and reference information forexecutive job seekers, executive recruiters, outplacementand human resource professionals, and managementconsultants.
KensingtonPublishing Corp.
independent full-range publisherof romance, true crime, western, nonfiction and fiction.
KFH Publications, Inc.
publisher of Cybernautics Digest and Puget Sound Computer User.
Klipsan Press
publishes electoral history atlases, state by county, andprovides links to elections and politics related tabulardata and maps.
Klutz GalacticHeadquarters
from Klutz Press, publisher of kidsactivity books.
Knowledge IndustryPublications, Inc.
publishes its leading magazineson the Web. Find: Multimedia Producer, AV Video,Tape/Disc Business, REPLItech, KIPI Bookshelf, and infoabout the upcoming Video Expo/Image World conference.
Kober Press
presentsextracts from the metaphysical writings and full colorpaintings of Bo Yin Ra, the nontemporal, proper name ofJ.A. Schneiderfranken (18761943).
KrakenPress, Titles
Several dozen low-cost collections ofpoems, essays, and humor. Free samples.
Krames Communications
publisher of consumer-oriented information on medical, wellness, and injury prevention topics.
Offers two books on the Americans withDisabilities of 1990. ADA information for both theemployer and the employee.
Lanchester Press,Inc.
dedicated to books by and about F.W.Lanchester (1868-1946): Japanese Marketing Strategy(Lanchester Stratagy), Quality-ISO 9000, and Reliability.
publishes educational courseware whichfocuses on Novell's NetWare, and Microsoft's Windows(ver. 3.1)
Publishers and sellers ofphilosophical, mystical and psychology books
Law BulletinPublishing Company
diversified print and electronicinformation company that has been serving the Chicagolegal and business community many years.
Lawrence ErlbaumAssociates Information Center
books, journals,software, and alternative media for the academiccommunity.
LazerFredNewsletter Publishing Service
Helps smallbusinesses produce high quality newsletters at a veryaffordable price. We can work with any company in the US.
A publisher of books related to thenew Learning Society we are living in, the latest being:DESIGN YOUR FUTURE: Live Your Vision in the Ever-Changing Learning Society, by Paul "thesoarING" Siegel.
independent publisher to the retail, foodservice, andsupplier network.
for books about sports.
Les Editions duBle
Publisher of French language works of fiction,poetry, music and research. En Francais.
LibrarySolutions Institute and Press
Library SolutionsInstitute and Press is a premier publisher of Internetbooks and seminars for both the learner and the trainer.
Lionheart Publishing,Inc. Online
publishing company producing magazines,books and information technology reports. We also offer awide range of services including design and production,marketing, subscription and circulation services, andmuch more.
Llewellyn Worldwide,LTD
Lone Eagle Publishing
- publisher of film & TV-related books anddirectories for the entertainment industry.
Longford,Ltd., Publishers
publications on arts andscreenplays.
LongmanPublishers USA
publishes college academic,scholarly and in service books.
publisher and seller of the world's mostcontroversial and unusual books
Lotus Publications
publications for the transportation, trucking and towingand recovery industry.
Lysias Press
small publishing company producing books on privacy, electronic surveillance, bugs, spying, wiretapping, new ID. The site also offers riddles, poetry, an editorial page, and links.
M.E. Sharpe
- M.E. Sharpe prides itself on producing timely books andjournals in the fields of Asians Studies, Economics,European & Russian Area Studies, History, andPolitical Science.
M.I.P. Company
Publisher of controversial Russian, Slavic literature.
MAC Publishing
- includes a selection of Dr. Claudia Black's self-helpbooks.
Mage Publishing
Catalog of books about Persian/Iranian literature, art,history, music, food, and poetry.
Mako Publishing
produces tracking books for life's finest vices.
Mare'sNest Publishing
Marlowe &Thunder's Mouth Press
independent publishers.Titles ranging from literature, graphic novels,cookbooks, biographies and children's books.
Marshall Cavendish
publishers of various magazine series and CD-ROM titles.
MathematicalComposition Setters
digital typesetting companyspecialising in mathematical, chemical and other symbolicsetting and graphing. Accepts hard or digital copy inDOS/MAC/TEX formats.
A small press specializing in fine literatureand poetry, especially works by women and Great LakesRegional literature.
Mazda Publishers
MCB University Press
professional and academic management journals.
Your Link to the Future of Publishing
buy reference books online.
Publisher of 24 community newspapers in the GreaterToronto Area and distributor of advertising andpromotional materials, web printer.
MFB CommunicationsCorporation
specializing in the total production ofcatalogs, brochures, and product sheets.
Producers of the "Publishers BlackLiterary Catalog", works by or published about BlackAmericans. Distributor of Afro-American greeting cards,Kwanzaa cards, posters and postcards.
Miller Freeman,Inc.
MnM Publishing
Modern Age Books, Inc.
publisher of electronic documention and online manuals.
Anarchist and Anarcho-Syndicalist relatedpublications. Authors include: Lorenzo Kom`boa Ervin,Voltairine De Cleyer, Nancy Kurshan, Rudolf Rocker.
Moon Publications
Moran Publishing CoInc
Legal research company publishes The New YorkJury Verdict Reporter, VerdictSearch, its companionresearch service, and other legal publications.
Morgan QuitnoPress
publishes four rankings reference books:State Rankings, Health Care State Rankings, Crime StateRankings and City Crime Rankings.
Mosby-Year-Book, Inc.
Health Sciences Publisher
MotorolaUniversity Press
organized to publish books in thefields of quality, engineering, management, finance,training, leadership, creativity, software and otherbusiness-related areas.
Municipal CodeCorporation
codification, publishing and indexingcompany.
Mutual Publishing
Books about bird watching to fishing, sharks to hiking, Manoa to Maui, nostalgia to contemporary.
My MemoriesPublishing
Publisher and bookstore forautobiographies. Writers, both published and unpublishedare invited to submit.
provides weekly email contests, a humormagazine, and cool stickers.
NaturalLiteracy Publishers
specialize in nature studies,environmental topics, and outdoor activities
Dasverlagsbrogramm des NDV-Verlages mit Bestellservice;publishing company.
Nelson PublishingCompany
NEROC Hoofdmenu
a publishing house located in the Netherlands.
US-based full service media agency servicingEuropean publications.
specializes in publishing and has a poolof free-lance writers for assignments in both fiction andnon-fiction.
NewCanaan Publishing Company Inc.
publisher ofchildrens books with Christian or Christian compatiblemoral content
NewHarbinger Publications
NewLeaf PublishingServices
desktop publishing, web services,printing, & CD-ROM recording.
Nexus Press
producers of artists' books in collaboration withinternational artists.
Nikkei BusinessPublications, Inc.
business, computing, multimedia,medical and more.
No Fat, No Nonsense
complete one stop site for nonfat products andpublications. Includes info on free products.
Noble Publishing
provider of books, software, and videos for the RF andmicrowave engineer.
NyaliPress Books
Oceana - Publications
contemporary literature, poetry, andcooking among others. Order books online.
Octane/Bad Dog
Offers 'A Whole New Breed of Humor Books'. Freeselections from our latest litter, as well as contests,submission areas and more.
OharaPublications, Inc
Martial Arts Publications.
One Horse Rhino
publisher of The Voice of Free Earth (A Novel)and TheBeer Food Cookbook (a ground breaking new book oncooking-with-beer).
Online BookStore
First publisher of full-text,"distributive"online books; BookFinder service.
electronic scientific publishing
Opportunitiesand Products Warehouse
Publishers,wholesalers/retailers of home opportunity books for themailorder, import, export trades. Free tips for beginnersand pros and more.
Oryx Press
offers a wide range of print and electronic resources forschools, libraries, business, educators, and technicalwriters.
Oser Communications Group,Inc
weekly newsletter on consumer electronics,computers, multimedia, broadcast electronics.
Paladin Press
publishers of the Action Library: unusual and controversial nonfiction, how-to books and videos.
Pan Asian Publications,Inc.
Full service Asian books distributor forbookstores, libraries and schools. Publishes severalaward-winning children's books.
career information for collegegraduates, employees being theatened by corporatedownsizing or anyone desiring to compete for the bestjobs in America.
Parallax Press
follows the teachings of Vietnamese Monk Thich Nhat Hanh.
feminist literary work in all genres.
Parthenon PublishingGroup, The
Publisher in medicine &environmental science, research texts, textbooks,reference books, dictionaries, atlases, journals, slides,videotapes, The Anatomy Project on CD-ROM.
pasde chance
A Toronto publishing house that bringszine art to a new level.
international publisher of books andpamphlets by revolutionary fighters whose strugglesagainst capitalism, racism, and all forms of exploitationand oppression point the way forward for humanity.
Patrick Cramer Publisher
- publishes reference books and catalogues raisonnés ofworks made for publication by major 20th century artists.
publisher of technical books.
PegasusPublishing Inc
PeninsulaPress, The
publisher with a Cape Cod & Islandsaccent.
Pensema PublishingCompany
Literature and art that is constructive inrelation to problems in the post-modern world. We aim tofurther the evolution of democracy toward more just andeffective forms.
Penwell PublishingCompany
Publisher of trade and technical magazinesand newsletters including the Oil and Gas Journal.
Publishers of quality gift books,including Old Turtle and the Duct Tape books.
Phanes Press
publishing books on the spiritual and philosophicaltraditions of the Western world, including Greekphilosophy, mythology, religion, alchemy, the Hermetictradition, symbolism, Neoplatonism, and more.
information on books from The Smith,including reviews, poetry, fiction, plays, art books, andThe Generalist Papers.
Pinnacle Publishing
newsletters, special reports, CD-ROMs and software for programmers and developers.
Pińon Press
Online catalog listing current and upcoming book titles in psychology, business, health/nutrition, parenting, and adoption.
books, music, and videos that helppeople actualize more heart in day-to-day life.
PlanNet Advertising
PlanPublishing Company, The
for titles about autoinsurance tricks and repair rip offs, and how to win theinsurance claim game.
PlasterCramp Press
A small publishing house primarilydevoted to avant-garde literature.
Plesman PublicationsLimited
We publish: Computing Canada, ComputerDealer News, Technology in Government, Home Computing& Entertainment, Computer & EntertainmentRetailing and Direction informatique.
PoeticImmolation Press
Small press chap-book publisher
PoolbegPress Ltd.
PracticeManagement Information Corporation
publisher ofcoding, reimbursement and medical practice managementbooks for doctors, hospitals and insurance companies.
Prima Publishing
Primal Publishing
- Design: print, multimedia, world wide web andconsulting. Publishers of 5x5 Singles Club.
Priority MultimediaGroup, Inc.
small publisher of books on businessand spirituality, a video on borrowing money, an audioscreenwriter's course, and web pages.
Creates financial and health carenewsletters. We seek press releases on newsworthy events,services, and products of interest to consumers.
books of merit, to be sold in the firstinstance by mail order only. This approach to marketingallows commercial considerations to take second place tothe intrinsic merits of books.
Productivity Press
books, videos, learning packages to support yourorganization's continuous improvement.
Public Record ResearchLibrary
our books tell you how and where to lookfor public records of all types. 10+ Sourcebooksdetailing locations of criminal, civil records etc.
Publishing Resource,The
guide to online and print publishing.
electroniccommerce solutions for the publishing industry.
publisher in the environmental regulatoryfield.
onlinepublisher of timely and comprehensive technical referenceinformation; site includes index and cross reference ofintegrated circuits, semiconductors, ic's, and chips.
Quilt in aDay Publishers
step-by-step instructional quiltingpublications.
Books and software for amateur radioastromomers. Jupiter noise storm prediction, and radiosky viewer software.
Rainbow HorizonsPublishing
providing theme-based, teacher friendlyunits and lesson plans for elementary teachersinternationally since 1987.
Raspberry HillPublishing
publications that educate the publicabout traditional Native American culture andspirituality.
publications that educate the publicabout traditional Native American culture andspirituality.
RedMenace Publishing
Publishes zines and chapbooks,produces films, recordings, and sponsors a series ofpoetry readings and art exhibits.
Regent Press
publisher of The SF Oracle (facsimile edition) and The Fringe Series card books, among other titles.
Residential CarePublications
RCP provides publications for theresidential care/assisted living industry. Trainingmanuals, policies, and procedures.
Richard D. Irwin
educational books for Business, Economics, andEngineering
Ridenbaugh Press
Small publisher, specialized topics include water, travel, Idaho, politics, government and more.
RiverwoodPublishers Ltd.
Canadian book publisher anddistributor.
Robert McConnellProduction
rules and parliamentary procedureresource.
Rocky RiverPublishers
award winning books to help childrenfrom infancy to adulthood.
Ronin Publishing
books for independent minds on psychedelic references,visionary alternatives, and new age careers and personaldevelopment.
Rotbuch Verlag
- Die Rotbuch Krimireihe; detective/thriller stories (inGerman).
RoundBookPublishing, Inc.
Royle CommunicationsGroup
publishing and printing services.
S. Karger AG
medical and scientific publisher.
Provides and online HTML's of variousorig. text from action/adventure to Automotive materials
publications for engineers and scientists.
Salute e MedicinaInternet
informazioni riguardanti la nostra salute,con un'area riservata ai Medici (in Italian).
Sandbook Company
Electronic publications centered around the arts.Features "Design Mind" column.
Sasquatch Books
Northwest Best Places guides, outdoor guides and fiction with regional flavor.
Schibsted A/S
- controlling Norway's two largest newspapers and withsubstantial interests in the TV and film sector.Quarterly statements.
Scream Press
ScriptPublishing, Inc
established in 1989 to providereaders of all ages non-fiction books that are readerfriendly.
Sea Bird Publishing
We offer books and continuous tone photographic prints of historic Florida scenes.
publishes books by writers from beyond themainstreamliterary outlaws operating outside themiddle-of-the-road consensus dominating the culture.
Serpents TailPublishers
with titles from fiction to socialanalysis.
publishes detailed directories of more than 2000educational,travel and creative career programs.
Shelter Publications
a publishing company in Tokyo,Japan
produces seven technical journals,several supplements, nine conferences, and numerous bookson the subject of object-oriented programming and the XWindow system.
Silly Little TomtePublications
an electronic publishing enterprisededicated to the reemergence of provocative writing inthe information age
Flight training manuals amd flight training syllabi forairplane flight instruction.
SLACK Incorporated
Medical and healthcare communications: publishing books, journals, newspapers, new media.
SlateMountain Press - Books for Frugal Living
Books onfrugal/"tightwad" living, coupons/rebates,sustainable living, voluntary simplicity, more. Offersonline Financial Disaster Preparedness Plan.
SmootPublishing Company
A full service desktoppublishing company, devoted to working with small tomid-sized churches and not-for-profit organizations.
Books that provide the missinginformation about what it really takes to make a livingwith music.
South PacificInformation Services Ltd
NZ editing, publishing andsoftware development company. Particular skills inscientific and technical publishing in print andelectronically.
Southam, Inc.
aCanadian owned international publishing company involvedin newspapers, multi-media CD-ROMS, trade periodicals,trade shows and online databases.
SouthwindPublishing Co.
books and videos for cooking,decorating, growing, marketing and medicinal use ofherbs.
Australia's leading independent feministpress, with books relating to women's lives, health,lesbian issues and travel.
Springer-Verlag NewYork
international scientific publishing company,focusing on the fields of neurosurgery, cell biology,neurology, and microchemistry.
SST Publications
Publishers of specialty books, tapes and software including Bad Debt Collections, Corporations, Trusts, Bankruptcy for Creditors, Mobile Homes, Discounted Mortgages/Paper, Trusts, Real Estate, Investing and more.
St. Lucie Press
is proud to present our on-line bookstore packed with"Publications for today's professional."
StaffDirectories, Ltd.
government information, including8,600 Biographies and free demos: members ofcongress(House/Senate), committees, staffs, Federal Govt.Executives, judges, state legislators, military bases,grants, govt. contracts.
Stamm Verlag GmbH
Medienspezialist in Deutschland (in German).
StancatoPublishing Group Inc
StarChief Press
offers contemporary fiction to the world. Controversyruns deep in our new novel, CASTLING. A story of thepower of hemp.
Stone BridgePress
publisher of books in English onJapan-related subjects: business, language, culture,travel, literature in translation.
publishers of books and CDs: limited editions of poetryand prose, memoirs, family histories, local histories,and "digital photo albums."
presents the Christian art of Californiapainter Manuel Nunez. His paintings depict strong womenin religious and spiritual settings.
Sunami Publishing
Debug Your Brain - Take Prozac or Read this Page! A simple yet profound technique to dissolve depression.
a monthly online- newsletter provided byMacmillan publishing. It contains articles and columnswritten by Macmillan"s authors and staff.
Swets & Zeitlinger b.v.
Publishers of Environmental Digest andRecycling Canada.
TannerLong Press, Inc.
Taylor & FrancisLtd
international publishers of academic books andjournals.
Taylor Publishing
produces yearbooks for grade schools, high schools, and colleges.
Teapot Press
resources for your Victorian lifestyle, includingVictorian Yellow Pages and books on gardening, costuming,tea parties, and Sherlock Holmes.
Technews Publishing
- consumer information on buying and leasing vehicles.Reveals "true" dealer cost, financing, leasing,and extended warranty secrets.
Technomic Publishing
publisher of technical and reference books, journals and software in advanced technologies and education.
TechPubs Hal
prepares and publishes technical manualsand training programs for electronics, equipment,aerospace, hardware and software applications.
Tecniche Nuove spa
Italian publishing house founded in 1960.
TekNovation - ndInternet Services
Electronic Publishing, DigitalImaging, Full Color Brochures and Posters, and InternetServices.
TELOS is The Electronic Library of Science, a publisher of science titles each with an electronic media component such as a CD-ROM, floppy disk, or files available via the Internet.
medical and scientific publishers.
Thomas PublishingCompany
books dealing with privateinvestigation. We are always looking for people who havewritten books on related topics who want to getpublished.
Tiare Publications
specializes in books for radio communications hobbyists.
website ofpublishing company Uitgeversbedrijf Tijd N.V. Providesinfo on investments and business in Belgium.
Timber Press, Inc.
publisher of books about plants and gardening.
Times EaglePublishing
erotic new age fiction.
TIS PublishingCorporation
publishers of limited edition fine artprints, specialty greeting cards, catalogs andillustrated books.
TLC Group
publishes books for the professional and concernedlayperson on grief, loss, support groups and AIDS/HIVsupport.
- provides educational materials (schoolbooks, videos ,especially for Japanese learning, softwares andteachers'online network), video games, books(music,essay, Buddhism, etc) and videos for outdoor.
TOPPAN Printing Co.,Ltd.
TPD Publishing Ltd
contract publications for technology companies,specialising in delivering customer loyalty throughpublishing.
TradePress Publishing - Prepress Division
imagesetters,prepress, film output, dyesubs, drum scanning and more.
topics in international social science.
TRC ToshokanRyutu Center Co., Ltd
Tringa Press
publisher of glossaries/dictionaries explaining thejargon used in health care in the U.S. and Canada.
United Brothers& United Sisters
U.B & U.S. writes,publishes, and distributes books that are by, for, orabout African peoples.
United News & Media plc
United States FederalRegister
current regulatory information,newsletters and publications of the U.S. Governmentonline and on CD ROM
UnitedBrothers & United Sisters Communications Systems
publishers, distributors, and printers of literature by, for, and about African people.
Unternehmensgruppe A.Sutter
Our company is specialized in products andservices of print and non-print media.
Urner Barry GlobalConnection
business publisher specializing in thereporting of market news to clients in the poultry, egg,meat, seafood and related segments of the food industry.
V/Searchand Juno Books
formerly RE/Search Publications.Includes books, archives and current stuff.
Vereinigte VerlagsanstaltenGmbH
Das Druckerei- und Verlagsunternehmen inDuesseldorf bietet vollstufigen Druckservice,Verlagsservice sowie Web-Publishing.
VictoryTechnology, Inc
publisher of college-level,curriculum-based courseware (CD-ROM) and medicalillustrations, specializing in health and life sciences.
Virtual Horizon Publications
creates and develops publications to be placed on-line in Web and other electronic forms
A new publisher of games, fiction, andmagazines. We publish online, electronic (Adobe Acrobat)and print versions of our publications.
Vision Communications provideshelpful resources, products and services in Christianbooks, Publications and, Electronic Media.
Vital Information
publisher of investment newsletters recommending small-cap growth stocks and growth and sector mutual funds.
Volcano Press
- a woman-owned company publishing visionary titles onthe subjects of Women's Health and Domestic Violence.
W.B.Saunders/Bailliere Tindall
books and journals onall aspects of the healthsciences : medicine,nursingallied health and veterinary medicine.
Walter de GruyterScientific Publishers
WatersideProductions, Inc
literary agency specializing inbooks about technology.
Publications and Services for AutomobileDealers. Specializing in Warranty And Fixed Operationsissues.
Weatherhill Inc
Publisher of books about Japan and Asia.
WebcomCommunications Corp.
Info on marketing/sales,distribution, outsourcing international, and development.
a smallbook publisher that also creates web pages for othersmall publishers and the specific industries they serve.
Weil Publishing
produces the Code of Rules for New Hampshire, Delaware,Mississippi, Rhode Island, Wyoming, Maine, Massachusettsand Hawaii, along with other publications.
Werbel Publishing
training manuals to the insurance and financial industryfor licensing exam-preparation.
publishes academic and business booksworldwide. Westerly Magazine features fiction, poetry,essays and photography. Westerly Agency represents newand published writers.
WildhorsesPublishing Company
WilliamsonPublishing Co.
browse their catalog and orderonline.
Wind Word Press
publishers of unique projects in both fiction andnon-fiction, printed form and multimedia.
Award-winning authors and producers of"how to" books and videotapes on producing livehollywood special effects and stunts.
Wm C. Brown Publishers
educational books for Life Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics
Wood Pond Press
- Guides to the best New England destinations, inns andB&Bs, restaurants, things to see and places to go.
WoodfordPublishing, Inc.
small independent San Franciscofirm producing sports and entertainment publications.
Word Doctor
secialty publications on public relations and religious issues.
Words & Images
Fast, cost-effective technical publications. Also on-line help, hypertext, electronic publishing with Adobe Acrobat, web development.
WorldScientific Publishing
Worsley Press
- Book publishers/training in newspaperproduction/sub-contract newspaper page production.On-line edition of 'Newspaper Production using PageMaker5' newsletter'.
Wright PublishingCompany
publishing topics in business and politics,including Activists Online.
scenic posters, nature CDs, help incoping with death and dying, prenatal learning exercises.
Wrox Press
books forprogrammers, written by programmers.
selection of mystery and suspense novelspublished on floppy disk using graphical format thatlooks and functions like an open book. Free downloadablesampler available.
z Publishing

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John Shepler writes weekly articles with a positive focus on people, business, technology, history, books, humor and current events. These articles are free to read online or by optional email
American Political Landscape
Sample entries, photos, and headword lists from a 3-volume encyclopedia on the history of women, religion, and minorities in American politics; books can be purchased online.
American Society of Indexers
Professional indexers produce well-written and well-designed indexes for books as well as online and documentation.
Concordia Programs
Supplemental materials for language teachers in major languages and hard to find materials in other languages
Congressional Quarterly Books
The leading publisher of books and directories on government and politics. Searchable catalog includes library reference books, textbooks, encyclopedias, and CQ Staff Directories.
Lathrop Media Services
Indexing and abstracting services for publishing houses, corporate clients, and professional organizations.
NHBS Mailorder Bookstore
Search NHBS BookNet an online catalogue of over 50,000 Scientific/Natural History titles
Productivity Press
Books, videos, learning packages on continuous improvement in the workplace and factory.