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to guide the consumer through the nation's post-acute healthcare continnum.
American Health Consultants
AmeriNet, Inc.
group purchasing organization. Members gain access to large portfolio of supplier contracts and major manufacturer brands.
AutoLab Systems
a division of MDS Health Group Limited, creates fully automated continuous flow laboratories and the ideal integration of equipment, info and people.
Bartle on Health
fear: the primary cause of disease.
Bindley Western Industries, Inc
wholesale distributor of pharmaceuticals, health and beauty care products; serving chain drug companies, independent drug stores, and alternate care customers.
Bio Science
Bio-Fluorescent Technologies, Inc.
a leading biomedical company in AIDS testing research.
California HealthLink
authorized distributor of mind machines: light and sound technology, psychoacoustic soundscapes, lucid dream devices, negative ion generators, psionic devices.
Chrysalis Counseling Services
Clinical Psychologists
Clinical Trials Posting
registry for enrolling into future trials.
Coffey Communications
information and resources for health care marketing and public relations professionals.
Comedy Lifeline International
catalogue of our seminars, which use humor to reach the participants in a meaningful way.
Communicare By Prognosys
A forum for hospital users to explore new ideas, receive the advice of industry experts, and access proven tools to improve hospital operations.
Cyberspace TeleMedical Office
D&M Sales
Darby Group Companies
national supplier of medical, dental, veterinary and vitamin products.
Diabetes Services
Books, Information, Insulin Pumps, Newsletters, and Tapes on Diabetes
provides information about the range of technology available to dyslexic people.
Enrich International
Enriching the physical, mental, social and financial well-being of people around the world.
Transdermal Progesterone Cream
First DataBank
Fitter International
Exercise, Balance and Physical Rehabilitation Products
Gastroenterology Consultants
Global Emergency Medical Services
uses its broad and constantly refreshed knowledge of medical providers worldwide to assist the traveler with medical problems.
Golden Triangle Organization, Inc.
Gain competitive edge with 1995 China Medical Market Report. Info on pharmaceutical joint ventures, medical product distribution, and industrial park development.
an outpatient agency, staffed by licensed psychologists, which provides a variety of services to individuals with addictive behavior problems
Healthcare Improvement Alliance
Australian Group that Consults on Total Quality Management/Organisational Development in the Healthcare Industry. We are committed to best practice in healthcare delivery.
HealthNet Data Link
online interactive database of physicians and provider information.
established by the Texas Hospital Association to provide needed products and services to healthcare facilities.
the nutritional and strength shopping network.
download "Healthy Habits For a Change," a pamphlet to help you make desired lifestyle changes. Also offering personalized advice and corporate wellness services.
offering CyberVites, an online vitamin store and CyberRx, an online pharmacy.
HYPHECAN Fingertip Cap
IDX Systems Corp.
Health Care Information Systems
Innoserv Technologies
provides asset management and multi-vendor service programs for bio-medical, laboratory, oncology and imaging equipment.
Integral Health Network
IHN is a virtual system for self-managing one's own health and well being through the use of the LHAMP and online health guides.
provides on-line 24-hour access to global healthcare business intelligence.
Interlabs Corporation
supplier for cameras, monitors, printers for medical applications.
Joshua Tree Manufactures
health videos and dietary suppliments.
Kaiser Family Foundation
private foundations devoted exclusively to health. an independent, nonpartisan source of facts and analysis for policymakers, the media and the public.
KLI Corp
Throat spray for relief of dry throat and hoarse voice.
Krames Communications
publisher of consumer-oriented information on medical, wellness, and injury prevention topics.
for all your Testing Needs
Life Enrichment Systems
helping people to help themselves enrich their lives.
Life Safety Associates
Specialized emergency, safety and disaster training programs and consulting for business and industry. Interactive Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) information. OSHA Compliance training and consulting.
Providing security for children, travelers, senior citizens, and people with defined health problems.
Lucidity Institute, The
provides lucid dreaming information, training, and technology.
MASCO Services, Inc
provides cost savings and operational efficiencies to member organizations via group purchasing contracts, telecommunications services, and direct business services.
MDNet Health Information Network
Internet resources and secure network connections for all types of health organizations.
unique voice messaging service where physicians Save Time, Save Money , and provide Increased Patient Satisfaction in the delivery and receipt of patient Lab Results
Comprehensive links and resources for the medical community.
Doctors & SuppliersAn Online Medical Facility
MEDMarket Virtual Industrial Park
serving the healthcare manufacturing industry
a pharmacy, home health care and mobility center environment.
includes info about our subscription-based bulletin board service, plus links to medical equipment and medical management web sites.
MicroClimate Systems
specializes in systems for personal body temperature management, serving the medical, personal, and industrial markets.
Middle Tennessee Home Health Service
Miller Medical Service
an introduction to the products and services which Miller Medical can provide to persons in their homes.
Miracle of Science - POWERLean
Super Supplement
Monash University Medical Illustration
you can access service and price lists as well as info on where to find the dep't and photos of the staff members.
Mother Natures
including diet and energy supplements, body cleansers, caffeine tablets, decongestants, stimulants, herbal ecstasy, chromium, and melatonin.
MRL's Dr. Watson on the Internet
A medical company that provides reference laboratory testing, diagnostic kit sales and pharmaceutical services.
Producers of revolutionary skin care range designed for harsh Australian conditions.
Natracare, LLC
All-natural feminine hygiene products
Neuromedical Supplies, Inc.
a medical supply company specializing in the Neurophysiology area.
New England Research Institutes (NERI)
devoted to social epidemiologic and public health research.
New Vision
NY Center for Speech Disorders - Westchester
speech services for children and adults. Pathologists and speech therapy available.
Oriflame International
Swedish Health and Skin Care.
Orthotronics, Inc.
has pioneered "gentle" recycling methods to recover orthodontic bands and brackets so that they may be used again.
Papillon Liposuction
PCS Health Systems
physician practice management company.
Physicians and Nurses Manufacturing Corporation
hot and cold therapy products, first line of care first aid items, and athletic trainers supplies.
Pritikin Longevity Center
learn about nutrition, exercise, stress and low-fat recipes.
Professional Access Services
subscription based service offering consumer info and education in the areas of medicine,dentistry and pharmaceuticals. is today's leading radiology resource guide and medical imaging directory featuring free submissions, top vendors, community centers, equipment, employment, calendar of events and more.
Rehabilicare, Inc
Electromedical pain management and rehabilitation products. Site includes company overview; products featuring CTDx for wrist pain; articles; stock info; tradeshows exhibiting our products.
compañía lider en el sector de asistencia sanitaria en España. productos y servicios. atención al socio. Sanitas Club: la revista de los socios de Sanitas.
Sears HealthCare
Self-Care Clearing Houses
Information on Self-Care Activating Support (SCAS), particularly on SCAS training and SCAS interventions.
Slack, Inc.
A medical communications, information, and education company.
Solgar Nutrition Central
Information on vitamins, minerals, herbs and everything in between.
Southeastern Hand Center
Specializing in all of the ailments relating to the Hands and Upper Extremities, the Southeastern Hand Center can solve many of your problems.
SpinMaster Vin
Professionally mixed exercise tapes for aerobic instruction and home fitness programs.
Stafford Home and Commercial Fitness
retail store serving Western Montana and Northern Idaho
Tecfen Corporation
markets ophthalmic and otological products and facial implants, emergency and rescue equipment and outdoors products.
UNARIUS Academy of Science
a Tax-exempt, Non-profit, Educational Foundational that publishes books and video programs which teach new concepts that recognize the creative potential of individuals who are proponents of ideas having an effect on all institutions of our society!
USD, Inc
Epi info, map, CDC wonder, prevention guidelines, wizard, pepi, pharyngitis in LA, and videos.
USIS Health
mission is to improve the quality of life of any individual through health education and reduce health cost for the community.
VHA Inc.
cooperative health care facilities around the US
Warren Otologic Group, Inc
information sharing for all internet users with special attention given to patients, physicians, and allied health specialists.
Whiplash Centrum Nederland (The Netherlands Whiplash Center)
offers treatment and advice to patients with whiplash-associated disorders of the head and neck.
Whitehall-Robins Healthfront
Women's Health America Group
resource for women's health information and products.